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                                        I didn’t expected myself to be like this now.



    Although I’ve decided to awaken to my true self and started taking Ayako’s class…



                                   The experience I have now is just unbelievable.



 I always feel depressed, anger, anxiety, hopeless, and I blamed others or the outside world,

                                            but now, I feel peace and free.



  Since I’ve been aware that I’m the one who are projecting  my reality not anyone else,

     I’ve let go and it comes to real that I can change my reality by my own! 



                                                   We can change our lives by changing ourselves first

                              by letting go of frequency we hold onto for sure!



                                                  Letting go is awakening.



               I’ve been letting go of a tons of frequency called “negative”.


   How nice if you know and experience that you can change yourself and your lives!



                                                         Mayuki Reinke





” Conversation at That Time Has Turned into Reality! “


In France, 2009











” The True Integration 1 ☆ Where Do You Integrate usually? “

     From One-Day Class in June 15, 2019  




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