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Petra: Thank you so much
for bringing this beautiful message to all of us.


11/11, 2017 Ayako Sekino Workshop in Amsterdam
The resonance of joy and excitementstar_earth_star
will change the worldstar_earth_star


In deep gratitude for
this explosion of light and excitementstar2
the time space created by
the members of the universal family
who came together for this resonance.star2


The video will be accessible online for replay, as many times as you wish.
You can also choose to download it in very HD qualitystar2
1111 Workshop Highlightsstar2

Ayako Sekino Amsterdam 11/11

Co-Host of the Workshop, HiRa Hosèn bird
“From the first moment I have watched Ayako
in her presentation the ‘Vision for a New Earth’
I was deeply moved insidesquare~~~
I couldn’t stop watching for 3 hours and
I have watched it again & again over the past 6 years !
The way Ayako shines so brightstar1the way she movesstar
the way she expresses herself ~~~ so gentle, so powerful,
so free, so light, so graceful, so profoundly inspiringdolfin
When I met Ayako in private this year in Paris,
~~ a world of possibilities opened up for meflower
Ayako and I worked together ~~ applying her ‘Infini method’star1
~~ in a very short amount of time
~~ I could release a very dense vibration I was carrying with me
for centuries !!
I was feeling so free
when we walked into that field of lightstar1
~~  once this vibration was released
~~  it was almost like I was surprised  ~~square
like “Really?  Can it be this easy !?!”
I’m very happystar1and very excitedstar1
Ayako will come to Amsterdam to share her essence ~~
her Living Lightstar1~~  a dream come true !” star1
HiRa Hosènbird
Sekino Ayako Copyrigjht