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Exciting News!!   Two Events with Ayako Sekino 

this Summer in San Francisco Bay Area

A one-day workshop &  An intensive class 

– The High Density Class for Infinite AccelerationAyako Sekino’s Workshop  August 25th, 2018

The Earth, through the great movements and changes it is undergoing
is expressing to us that a profound shift is underway
It is moving, undeniably,
from a planet of separation to one of harmony.It is a direct reflection of our consciousness
as we navigate the journey of awakening to our higher selves.
As each of us becomes engaged in
the process of returning to one’s own true self the resonance will stabilize and become more fluid.
The illusion of separation as well as the innumerable problems
which have accumulated on this planet will begin to dissolve.
The external reality is nothing other than
the reflection of our consciousness.
Let us return to the essence of our original selves our free and harmonious consciousness,
expanding outside the frame of limitations !
We can awaken from our third density experience
into the expression of our true, natural selves.
And exist in the dream-like, fluid fourth dimension,
with the freedom to realize our deepest aspirations
Joy, excitement, harmony…
these are the vibrations of our true selves
When you tap into the truth  of who you are,
your life can only become a source of infinite joy and excitement 
Ayako Sekino’s Workshop
Saturday August 25, 2018   2pm-5pmAcqua Hotel  (Mill Vally) >>
Ticket to your Essence of Light   $150
☆ At the door   $160
Booking Here

The High Density Class for Infinite Acceleration

Sunday August 26th, 2018

Going back to our pure and transparent consciousness,

to our original, radiant self…  
In a time-space of high-density light 

we will tap into a higher perspective, allowing us to shift

beyond our way of being in the third dimension experience.

It is nowpossible to live outside of the limitations we’ve known,

existing with our infinite consciousness

in the fourth density experience.

    This will be a truly valuable class 

for anyone who desires to awaken !!

The High Density Class for Infinite Acceleration
Sunday August 26, 2018   1pm to 5:30pmin a private space in Belvedere
limited to 10 people
☆ Ticket to your Essence of Light    $550
Booking Here

11/11, 2017 Ayako Sekino Workshop in Amsterdam
The resonance of joy and excitementwill change the world

 Now available for Free viewing 

Workshop movies  1(58:57) >> 2 (1:46:56) >> 3 (33:05) >>

I feel very deep gratitude

we have agreed to come together to create this resonance of awakening 

to open those doors that have remained closed for so long   
I have really received that intention from all you strongly.
I am deeply grateful for this
thank you very much from my heart 
Do you know we are all part of universal family? 
Let’s all go back to the freedom
The freedom of our infinite consciousness. 
Let’ s keeping awakening all together ! 

                                                    Ayako Sekino 

Workshop Short Movies

2017.11.11  Hello,Welcome!!!☆ (3:17) >>

Our true consciousness expands beyond our body ☆ (7’51”) >>

This is the vibration of this earth. Not yours♪ Never♪(13’29”) >>

Open the doors to yourself ☆ (10’52”) >>


Ayako Sekino Amsterdam 11/11 Co-Host of the Workshop, HiRa Hosèn bird

“From the first moment I have watched Ayako
in her presentation the ‘Vision for a New Earth’
I was deeply moved insidesquare~~~
I couldn’t stop watching for 3 hours and
I have watched it again & again over the past 6 years !
The way Ayako shines so brightthe way she movesstar
the way she expresses herself ~~~ so gentle, so powerful,
so free, so light, so graceful, so profoundly inspiringdolfin
When I met Ayako in private this year in Paris,
~~ a world of possibilities opened up for meflower
Ayako and I worked together ~~ applying her ‘Infini method’star1
~~ in a very short amount of time
~~ I could release a very dense vibration I was carrying with me
for centuries !!
I was feeling so free
when we walked into that field of light
~~  once this vibration was released
~~  it was almost like I was surprised  ~~square
like “Really?  Can it be this easy !?!”
I’m very happystar1and very excitedstar1
Ayako will come to Amsterdam to share her essence ~~
her Living Lightstar1~~  a dream come true !” star1HiRa Hosèn bird


Petra: Thank you so muchfor bringing this beautiful message to all of us.



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